A team of Iraqi first immigrants to Canada (Putrus Pio, Jamal Ramani, Husam Elowe, Jan Khayat, Claude Pio, Dr.Behnam Sayegh, Claude Demarchi and Sajid Lewis) were thinking of bring the Iraqi community together.

Salam Social Club was a name they chose in the fall of 1993 to embrace Canadians of Iraqi origin who previously were mainly members of Al Hindiyah,club (original name was Salam club) in Baghdad and Al Fayha Club in Basrah . 

Early Spring of 1994, the founding committee sent invitations for a meeting, including a copy of by-laws, to all lraqis that were known in the society, the purpose of this meeting was to introduce the committee to those that attended, gain the approval for the Club and request all present to choose a name for the Club. It was unanimously agreed to name this club as “SALAM SOCIAL CLUB”.

The first physical presence of SSC was at 2-167 Applewood Crescent in Concord, Ontario.  As the membership grew the time is ripe to form a corporation to legally establish a non-profit organization with a new name “Salam Social Club” the name that was chosen.

The next major milestone for the Club was to establish a physical presence where all members could gather. This goal was achieved with the help of Mr. Ahsan Zaiyouna who offered his premises for lease at terms that were affordable for the committee. The location chosen was 2-167 Applewood Crescent in Concord, Ontario.

As membership grew and the needs expanded, the club moved to the current location of 120 Norfinch Drive in 2001.

Renovations and expansions to the site have been going through out the years, thanks to all committee members and the generous contributions and donations of the members. 

The Club continues to succeed with the sustained effort of Iraqis in the community. We are proud of our achievement! We hope that the Club will continue to receive unconditional support from all Iraqis in the area so continue our services for future generations and enjoy the same goals started by the founding committee.