Hall Rental

Members & Guests are able to fill the attached application on line and submit to the Center for approval should they have an interest to book either the main hall or the private room of the Center for their own occasion taking into consideration the following:

  • Rental fees published below are subject to revisions as and when situation allows.
  • Rental Fees for Major events like New Year’s parties and others are shall be priced separately.
  • Applications are subject to management approval and treated first come first served bases
  • Rental fees for members are strictly applicable for member’s immediate family only.

Main hall Fees

Week day Members Guests Remarks
Friday evenings $500 $650 Extra Flat fee of $200 incase tickets are sold.
Saturday evenings $500 $650 Extra Flat fee of $200 incase tickets are sold.
During the week $300 $400 Or $5 per guest whichever is higher.

Day time

Whole week except Sundays, fees shall be discussed on case by case basis.

Private room Rental fees

Fees are negotiable on case by case basis.